Leather Restoration

Leather restoration is an art. At Anthony’s Leatherworks, our experience and finesse is renowned for bringing leathers back to like-new condition. We carefully evaluate your leatherwear to determine the extent of its restoration needs.

Your leathers may require a thorough cleaning, spot dyeing, an overall dyeing to revitalize color, a total conditioning treatment to restore moisture and flexibility, or a combination of procedures.

Even if you have vintage leathers and want to preserve their patina-type look, we can help you rejuvenate it while still keeping the rustic appearance. From start to finish, our goal is bringing back the look you want and keeping the mechanics of your leathers intact.

If you have leathers that’s starting to show signs of its age, don’t assume you have to start over and buy a new outfit. Bring your items into our shop, call, or email us photos and we’ll work with you to determine exactly the level of work that’s needed to return your apparel to its former glory.

Leather Repair

Scuffs, holes, tears…Anthony’s Leatherworks has seen and repaired it all. We know you don’t just want it repaired, you want it done so it doesn’t look and feel like an obvious repair job. Our staff will assess any damage and find the best way to repair it discretely and correctly without sacrificing function or safety.

Whether it’s fine-line stitching repair, patching, or even section replacement, we’ll make sure any type of leather garment is as strong and presentable as it was initially. We also specialize in accessory replacement such as:

  • Zippers/sliders
  • Buckles
  • Buttons
  • Velcro
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Shoulder pads
  • Straps
  • Linings
  • Meshing
  • Specialty/synthetic materials

Anthony’s Leatherworks also offers alterations and custom work. Do you have a collar that needs to be replaced with something softer? No problem. Are you interested in stencil embroidery? We do that, as well. Need your jacket to come down in the sleeves a little or pants that need to be let out in the waist a bit? We’ve got you covered there, too. Call or email us about your leather repair needs and we’ll make sure it’s done right.

If alterations (re-sizing) is what you require, we ask that you call before you come to our store because we have a specialized person who handles that service and we want to make sure that they are available when you arrive.

Leather Repair

New Soles on Boots
New Soles on Boots

Leather Dyeing

With time and stress, fading and cracking is inevitable on leathers. Our dyeing process makes colors more vibrant and brings your leatherwear back to near-original condition.

While most companies use oil-based dyes, Anthony’s Leatherworks uses water-based dyes, which give the material a more natural look, making it longer lasting and resilient. We can color match our dye to the existing shade of your apparel.

We also offer custom colorization. Just bring in a swatch you’d like to change your leathers color to. Please note that leathers can only be dyed to a darker color. We also offer fluorescent dyes. Even if you only want to re-dye certain multicolored accents or panels on your leatherwear, Anthony’s Leatherworks’ level of experience and attention to detail will make your leathers look sharp again.

Whether it’s a touchup or full re-dyeing, bring in your apparel and let’s discuss what your needs are. Contact us today to discuss your leather needs.

Custom Laser leather Engraving & Cutting

If you want your name or your favorite logo put onto your leathers, Anthony’s Leatherworks can do that.  We can cut or engrave letters from the font that you provide and make it out of leather and sew it onto your leathers.  All we need is either the font that you want the letters in or a JPEG of whatever logo you want!