Leathercare products

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Anthony’s One-Step Conditioner 8oz- $16.95


Fast one-step process cleans leather and restores natural oils.

Wipe on leather, then wipe it off. The job’s done!

Removes and prevents most stains.

Keeps leather soft, supple and water-resistant.

Helps stop and prevent mold and mildew.

Contains no petroleum by-products &  leaves no oily film.


Anthony’s Easy Cleaner 8oz – $12.95


Advanced formula removes even the toughest stains

Will remove most stains including dirt, salt, food, perspiration, grease and cosmetics

Works great on cuffs and collar stains, straw, mesh and most synthetics

Safely cleans all leathers & textiles



Anthony’s De-Salter 8oz – $12.95


Use Anthony’s De-Salter to remove salt stains and remove mold & perspiration.