Customer Testimonials

“Dainese USA has had a long term working relationship with Anthony’s Leatherwork’s in repairing our protection, leather, textile, gloves, and boot/shoe products, as well as some of our AGV helmet products.

They have always met our deadlines, in fact quite often beating them which supports Dainese USA’s on-going commitment to customer service excellence, and is crucial given our sponsorships in the the fast pace world of racing where we require team suit repairs in an expedited manner.

When asking for a special request to do something custom for our sponsored racers Anthony’s has always worked with us in accordance to our high standards of leather craftsmanship.

Their knowledge of leatherwork and attention to detail goes hand in hand with The Dainese Standard, a solid reputation for high quality protection which makes Dainese the leader in motorcycle protection.”

Kind regards,
Art Aguilar, Warranty Dept.
Orange County, CA

“To all of our friends at Anthony’s Leatherworks:

On behalf of your friends here at American Motorcycle Co 1902 we want to acknowledge the tremendous work done at Anthony’s Leatherworks. Our family, and our business, have had all of our leatherwork repairs done by your fine store, and not once in over 15 years have we been disappointed with the results. We continue to recommend you to all of our friends, and enjoy it every time we stop by. Great people. Great service. Great work, done on time, and with a quality that is hard to find in today’s marketplace.

Thanks for being friends of our family and our business (and customers).”

Robert J. Page
EST. 1902
American Motorcycle 1902
2152 Salt Air
Lemon Heights, CA 92705

“We at Alpinestars USA have had a long relationship with Anthony’s Leatherworks; they meet every deadline with excellent customer service and their work is of the highest quality. Leather race suits, boots, gloves, etc.

I would like to thank the team at Anthony’s Leatherworks for their hard work, knowledge of the race industry and their commitment to excellence.”

Brett Neal, Product Support
Alpinestars, Inc. (Torrance, CA)


“Good Job Anthony’s: On a well known web site we all use I saw a super deal on a pair of never worn Dianese leather pants. Going to Dianese sizing chart I thought they were the right size so I bought them only to find out that the waist was way too tight. I thought I could be wrong but this may have something to do with food. I guess I need to go on a diet. Well everyone knows how hard diets can be you loose 4 lbs and gain it back after one great meal loose it gain it and on and on it goes. The leathers just hung in my closet looking out at me saying how’s that diet working out for ya. One day in the back of one of the major magazines I saw the Anthony’s Leatherworks ad and sent Greg an Email. He said come into the Corona Del Mar CA shop and we can take a look and do some measurements e.t.c . Because I live a long way from his shop and would have to travel on some of the busiest freeways in the world I said please is there another way. He talked it over with John his leather repair guy and I called him to discuss the fit problem. He in-turn talked me though the measurements and off the pants went to his shop. I just got them back today they fit perfectly and you can’t even tell that they were altered. I’m not saying how much but It was a quite substantial let out. John is a true professional as well as pleasant to talk with as was Greg. I highly recommend Anthony’s Leatherworks for any crash repair or alterations you may need. I will use them again in an instant. My 2 cents. cheers Jim Symons Ojai Ca. ”

Jim Symons – Client


I know a good many of you who own leather jackets and pants for riding. I have a Dainese/Ducati jacket that I purchased new in May of 2007. After a few years it needed some attention and I took it to my dry cleaners to be cleaned two years ago. It came back not cleaned, but painted. It looked horrible! But there was no other place to go. after a few more years it again needed some attention and while reading last months “Cycle World” I noticed an ad for Anthony’s Leatherworks in Corona Del Mar. The company I work for is in Irvine, just north of the OC Airport, so to get to Corona Del Mar is just a 10 minute drive. I asked Anthony’s to clean the jacket and to repair a hole that had been made by a comb I left in the front pocket. To them I was just a short fat guy who rode a Ducati who came for a jacket cleaning. Two weeks later I returned to find the jacket expertly repaired to my satisfaction and cleaned. Also the “cheap paint” had been removed and the jacket properly restored to look like new.  It hadn’t looked that good since I purchased it 5 years ago. The cost was reasonable too. New jackets from Ducati are in the $700+ range, and if your like me…..that is fair amount to scrape together for a “Sunday go to riding Jacket”. Anthony’s had done the job for $150. If you have custom leathers that need cleaning or a repair/touchup Anthony’s is the place to go to. Dainese uses them for their warranty work, so you know they are good! Below is the information to contact them with. Be sure to tell them you are with PSADOC….but in short….Anthony’s is the BEST Leather Shop for motorcyclists! Period! If you would like, I can transport your jacket/pants into OC. Your responsible for telling them what you want done. slider, zipper replacement & repair, crash damage & repair, accessory replacement, leather section replacement, restoration, refinishing, cleaning, and dyeing

*Kevin Gettmann*
*Palm Springs Area Desmo Owners Club*
*68-743 Perez Road Suite D-27*
*Cathedral City, CA 92234*
*Cell 760-902-8761*


I learned of Anthony’s Leather Works from their advertisement in Rider
magazine.  I live in Wisconsin and couldn’t find a business that could
re-dye my 23 year old Hein-Gericke leather jacket.  I put my trust in the
Rider magazine reputation and decided to ship my jacket to California.  Greg
was my contact person who made me comfortable via emails that they were the
go-to business to re-dye my jacket.My jacket returned last week and to my delight it almost looks like a brand
new jacket.  Thank you ALW!  I already have thoughts of shipping my brown
Hein-Gericke jacket to ALW for a complete restoration.Dennis BisoneSussex, WI


Fantastic Job!  Absolutely mind-blowing! My classic black bike jacket was a good one, made for the officers of the SFPD by Golden Bear, but it was over 25 years and at least 150,000 hard miles old.  A little worn, a little bleached, a little scuffed around the seams, and the main zipper was close to dead, so I brought it in to you guys for a new zipper and a refurbishing.  It now looks absolutely spanking new, and it even squeaks like new!  Good for another 25 years of service, for sure. Wow!That is the best $180 I have spent, ever.  Thanks, Anthony’s!

Mike Masson

Santa Barbara, CA


Your Rider Magazine ad caught my eye when pondering whether or not my Top Rider leather suit could be repaired.  It had suffered the indignity of having its left arm opened up with an EMT technician’s scissors.  Greg and John were most helpful in walking me through the restoration process.  The repair is indeed all but invisible, with even the mesh lining neatly sewn back in place.  And, my old Top Rider suit still feels great!  Thank you very much for offering this fine restoration service.

Harold L. Ivey
Biloxi, MS


Greg and all at Anthony’s Leatherworks.

I had just received the boot you have repaired for me last night.  I wanted to thank you all very much for getting it back to me in a timely manner and the repair work is incredible.  You cannot tell the zipper was actually replaced.  It matches the other boot that did not need repair perfectly.

Thank you very much for a terrific job and Thank you D-Store Chicago for recommending Anthony Leatherworks.

Very Best Regards,

Chia Chang
Senior Associate


Hi Guys-got my leathers back after your restoration service and I’m
over the top happy. They look new again! Can’t wait ’till my first
race in a couple of weeks. I’ll be telling all my friends about
you. And-it’s great to see them in before and after pics on your web
site. Thanks again- Steve D’Angelo


Received the red BMW suit and the brown Harley suit upon returning
after my ride out west. I was amazed and impressed by the quality of
your workmanship. Thank you.

David Taylor


Greg, and everyone at Anthony’s Leatherworks,

I just wanted to thank you guys for your awesome work. Colleen and I 
are really happy with how our leathers turned out, and I’m 
particularly impressed with the reconditioning you did on mine. I 
did not think it could look that good again. You guys did a 
fantastic job, definitely exceeding my expectations!

And again, I really appreciate your support of Let’s Ride Track Days.

Mark Longo


Since designating Anthony’s an authorized REV’IT! repair center, our brand and customers have benefited from the passion and commitment that the Anthony’s team puts into all of their work. In the day-to-day, they’ve been extremely easy to work with, implementing efficient processes to have our repairs done in a timely manner, and communicating with us every step of the way. 

But their excellence has really shone through in the helping to deliver on special requests or shorter deadlines: Where others may politely refuse the work, Anthony’s consistently picks up the reins, takes the challenge, and delivers a finished product that exceeds expectations. The REV’IT! dealer network and consumer base consistently provide glowing feedback of the finished product they receive. 
Anthony’s has been essential in helping us live up to the world-class standards our customers know, trust and count on every day. Our most sincere gratitude goes out to the entire team!

Jose Guzman,

Dealer Liaison / Inside Sales